Fashioning An Artist

Piet Mondrian // YSL Mondrian dress

Piet Mondrian // YSL Mondrian dress

Color, frames, styles, geometric figures, drawings, messages to be communicated… the reasons why a lot of great fashion stylists inspire their vogues to famous artists are many. Any creation that infuses emotion and is considered unique is often considered art.  This means fashion is definitely art!

Fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent can be considered the pioneer of fashionable art.  YSL expressed his passion for art as the muse of his creations.  He designed on cloth what what Piet Mondrian painted on canvas. As a professional artist, Yves Saint Laurent exhibited in one of the world's temples of contemporary art -  the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute in 1983. It was  "a major retrospective exhibition covering 25 years of designs by Yves Saint Laurent". 1

Paul Gauguin, Tahitian Woman with a Flower

Paul Gauguin, Tahitian Woman with a Flower

Famed artist and activist Keith Haring’s puppets are everywhere: we can see replicas of his creations on t-shirts, shoes, caps, etc., still today, more than two decades after his death.  Aquilano Raimondi reproduced the dresses worn by painter Paul Gauguin's polynesian women. Warhol was a designer and an advertiser for “Vogue” and “Glamour” fashion magazines.  In Italy, OVS promoted its new collection, ARTS OF ITALY - a new, limited edition collection inspired by forgotten Italian mosaics. These examples reveal the relationship between art and fashion as bidirectional:  designers creating fashion catwalks that resemble museum halls, and artists painting muses in glamorous garments of form-fitting display. 

And no medium is left behind!

Many are familier with origami - the complex yet fascinating paper constructs.  But did you know you can wear origami? Zoe Bradley says you can!  She is the creator of the most extraordinary dresses made of paper.  Find that you can’t tear away from that engrossing novel? Well, you don't have to.  You can wear it!  American artist Carrie Schumacher uses the pages of romance novels to create romantic and vintage dresses. Spanish designer Malena Valcarel thought to carry out this trend further with accessories, necklaces, bracelets, earrings manufactured from book pages.

Viktor & Rolf created "Nightwatch", their first short film confirming the strong relationship existing between fashion and art.  It depicts a girl who visits a museum, walking softly, quietly, carefully through it's halls, finally arriving in front of an extraordinary canvas. The security alarm rings!!! The canvas frame breaks and falls on the girl, becoming a beautiful dress. The fashion parade can now start!

Credit: Youtube - Uploaded by ELLE Sverige on 2015-12-02.

The concept of ART is always evolving, and fairly quickly. That's because creativity and inspiration is everywhere. It’s all around us.  Travel any country, walk any major city, bike a small town, drive down a country road, and you will experience contemporary, modern, traditional and ancient art combinations that you may not thought possible.

We always encourage you to #ExploreYourWorld.  Draw it or dress it, either way #pARTicipate!