Pantonizing 2017

What color is your world?

The New Year is here!  With it comes resolutions,  dissolutions, and a few colorful solutions.   Out with the old and in with the new!  What will help you choose?

Color!  Yes, color!

color of the year - green

Every season color becomes the deciding factor for fashion, automobiles, footwear and interiors.  Every industry subscribes to the Pantone Color Institute's selections. Whaaaat??? Don’t you know what Pantone is?  Until now, I too was ill-informed. I thought "he" was a stylist, a make-up artist of "superstar" status, who is revered as the creator of new trends.  Well yes, and no.  Pantone LLC, a subsidiary of X-Rite Inc.,  is the company that chooses each season's new colors, influencing the most influential across a multitude of industries and technologies. Each season's color standards (and standouts) are exhibited in the most famous of fashion parades and catwalks, like the ones at New York Fashion Week.  {Mmmm … What a dream to be present at one!}

spring 2017 color chart
Pantone Custom Color Services provide custom color standards for corporate managers and art directors in fashion, home, contract design, paint, beauty, automotive, sports and pharmaceutical - -
 - any industry requiring color accuracy.



Pantone is a fortune-teller who foresees the colors trends months ahead. It analyzes the science, social trends, cultural issues and human emotion incorporated into it's selection.  You then witness these choices in fashion, cosmetics, interior design, and in the arts. Pantone affects the whole world!   The company was infact created to help solve the problem of color accuracy in the graphic arts community.  It often partners with many corporations and fashion designers to create a unique product and/or must-have item.  Having expanded it's founding service to graphic artists, it has since become famous for universally recognized animated Minion Yellow and retailer Tiffany's iconic blue box, to name but a couple of it's iconic mainstays.

minion yellow colalge
tiffany blue collage

The staff at Pantone come from a diverse skill set of highly qualified personnel in every industry.  Among the must haves choosen by this group for 2017, out jumps PRIMEROSE YELLOW, a very intense and delicious yellow.  What doesn't pass unobserved is the PINK YARROW, a fuchsia so vivid it sends us back to the ‘80s, while pushing us fervently forward.  Alongside the vibrancy of FLAME and LAPIS BLUE, there are also soft, light hues, lending something for all personal tastes. ISLAND PARADISE and PALE DOGWOOD are gentle and relaxing, exuding luxurious escapism in their dreamy tones.

lipstick colors


So if walking down the street you hear someone say, “WOW! I want that color for my lipstick,” trust that Pantone is already on it!  



Color is a powerful source of communication.  It speaks our mood, character, and spirituality - all with intention, or subversion.   If you find yourself at a loss for words - then let your exterior (or room's interiors) speak for you!  #Pantonize your year, and let color create your world. No rules!

Make the usual unusually YOU!


By Elisa De Cagna

Contributing from Italy.