Wine Tasting  - Art Making

It's Friday! Wine up, then wind down.  Our adults only art-night-out adds grape inspiration to your next great piece of work!  We launched this program with the launch of our organization as an experience to explore your inner artist.  We will be re-launching this program soon - on the 4th Fridays of each month, pairing wine tasting and art making.  It's freestyle, so we will offer an array of artistic mediums to choose from each month - painting, textile arts, illustrations, ceramics... to name a few.  


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We introduced this program as our kickoff event in December 2014 at The Dwyer Cultural Center (Harlem, NY).  IT WAS A HIT!  It was an evening of artistry in food, wine and from within, with the Robert Carter Workshop drawing out each participant's inner artist.   Thank you to our sponsors: Melba'sBenjamin CateringPasticceria Bruno and Artist & Craftsman Supply for their support.

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Eat! Drink! #pARTicipate!