(November 2016) 

Our Fall PopUp mixed the love of Football and November's biggest holiday - after "Black Friday" - Thanksgiving.  We invited kids and adults to learn The Art of The Game and used the game ball to craft holiday turkeys.  Thanksgiving reminds most people what they are thankful for, and we were thankful for the last beautiful, sunny, warm day of the season.  Flushing Meadow Park was the perfect location for open-air, and open arms to make perfect catches! We thank those who #pARTicipated and hope to see you again soon. 

football collage 2
football collage 3
football collage 5
football collage 4


(August 2016) 

We participated in the very first Ecuadorian SummerStage 2016, celebrating international music, dance, food and culture. Our workshop let kids and adults make International Worry Dolls.  The dolls originate out of South American folklore, in which kids tell the dolls their worries, and the kids worry no more. It was easy for adults to realize, who couldn't use one of those!  Corona Plaza bustled with live entertainment, and lively #pARTicipation. Can't wait to do it again next year!


gallery collage for summer stage 1
summerstage collage 2

We went "live" ... check out the video above.

summerstage collage 3
summerstage collage 4

"The Pupil Project" at The The Community Learning School PS 335 Brooklyn

(Spring 2016) 

Our afterschool photography program was invited to The Community Learning School PS 335 in Brooklyn to participate in a short program for ten special students to explore basic digital photography and photo editing.  They offered us a beautiful space, and we brought the rest! The students, ranging in age from 9yr to 11yr, and grades 3-5, were excited to put the cameras around their necks and put their technical skills to work! Instructors Hannah Suzanna and Heath McBride joined these students every Friday afternoon for 5 weeks and took them through various techniques of photography skills, allowing the students to role-play as Portrait, Freestyle, and Studio Photographers.  Here's a few of their photos to check out! 

"The Pupil Project" at The St. Albans School PS36Q

(Spring 2016) 

Thanks to discretionary funding from Queens Councilmember I. Daneek Miller, "The Pupil Project" hosts this group of tech-savvy fifth graders at The St. Albans School PS36Q.  Although some have their own YouTube channels and are well-versed in gaming techniques, it is their first time learning and practicing digital photography.  Once a week, during two-hour sessions, this groups enjoys mastering the possibilities of Nikon L840's from Instructors Wallace Hutchinson of Serenity Photo and Hana Porter. Although the settings are automatic they still conquer composition, lighting, and basic photo editing.  

Stay tuned for this graduating class's Photo Project, which will be posted here soon. 

"The Pupil Project" at The Samuel Huntington School PS40Q

(Winter 2015- Spring 2016)

Here is a video highlighting photos taken by the students. 

"The Pupil Project" partnered with COMPASS @ PS40Q starting in the Fall of 2015 to deliver our mobile art education initiative to 4th and 5th grade students. Each student receives their own camera (the same one each week) to learn and practice with during once-a-week, two hour sessions. Our Photography Instructor Wallace Hutchinson of Serenity Photo, with Coordinator Nyeka Nicholas, teaches a group of 20 kids basic digital photography and photo editing. (Actually, the students whizzed through the settings on our Nikon L840's, and displayed their technical genius very quickly.)  

The photos in the video you see here are just an example of what talents exhume from just a short period of time. We look forward to continuing this creative relationship, and are excited about the work that comes out of it as a result.

We hope you enjoy viewing. 



Our kickoff event December 2014 at The Dwyer Cultural Center (Harlem, NY) was an evening of artistry in food, wine and from within, with

The Robert Carter Workshop drawing out each participant's inner artist.

Thank you to our sponsors: Melba's, Benjamin Catering, Pasticceria Bruno and Artist & Craftsman Supply for their support.

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Eat! Drink! pARTicipate!