The Arts @  Henson-Parks, Inc.


provides artistic opportunities

for our youth (and the youthful) to

 re-thinkre-define, and

re-frame their view.

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The Arts @ Henson-Parks, Inc. uses traditional, cultural, and experimental artistic mediums, as well as current digital technologies as the foundation of our programs. This results in visual arts that inspire self- and social awareness. 

The ability to offer quality arts programming to our community, for little or no money, can sometimes feel like a tall order!  That is why we rely on the support of the community, corporate sponsors, and our Partners In Art to help us maintain excellence in our educational and artistic initiatives. Your support, in time, supplies, or finance,  continues these endeavors and empowers our mission.

Your donation is 100% tax-deductible.

Our Mission

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The Arts @ Henson-Parks, Inc. believes your view of the world in which you live helps mold who you are and determines what type of footprint you leave behind. 

Our Programs

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Our programs use of art and technology strives to captivate inquisitive young minds, and in turn become their captive audience. 

Our Staff

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The dream of one individual supported by amazing talents across the globe, together creating great success! Lace up...

The Pupil Project

Spring Season 2017 


Through April showers and May flowers, we're capturing it all.  For this last program season of the 2016-17 school year we are introducing digital photography to Brooklyn's PS 59 William Floyd School and PS 196 Williamsburg Bridge Magnet School, Queen's IS 59 Springfield Gardens School and Queens High School for Information, Research and Technology (QIRT).   It's a fantastic mix of students from 3rd to 12th grades, each approaching the craft of photography with a unique vision and purpose.  PS59 William Floyd School is incorporating the program within their in-school enrichment program.   The Pupil Project 2.0 is full STEAM ahead into QIRT high school, with students constructing cameras, then using them to explore the world around us. The kids are having a blast, and our Instructors are too!  

Click on the logo {right} to learn more about our program and inquire about becoming a part of the #RedCameraCrew! 

Click on the photo grid below to enter our virtual Gallery and see the kids' amazing photos and videos. 

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