TAHP Literacy Club of New York [TLCNY] is essentially “tahping” into communal needs to provide the tools necessary to implement programs that address disparate learning levels amongst our local youth and adults, and create substantive tutorials to combat and improve these levels for those with a desire or need for assistance. 

TLCNY offers multiple literacy programming across diverse subject matter to improve the lives of residents in all facets of viable sustainability and advancement in school and in the workplace.   

The TAHP Literacy Club of New York will allow our children to re-write their future!


Reading, Writing and Aliteracy

Literacy instruction incorporating creative writing, art and illustriation within activities such as learning cursive, comic and book making, storytelling, drawing, and even publishing of participants' own works. We bring in local children’s book authors and illustrators, create book clubs, and dabble in self-publishing to show that reading and writing can be fun! 


Computer/Software - Digital Technology

Yes, we're coding! But we're also providing basic skills to maneuver through this progressively tech-driven environment.  We're teaching young students how to type (with all 5 fingers, not just thumbs).  We're using laptops, desktops and handheld devices to  explore software applications that can help  in school, at home and in the office.  We're providing a strong technical foundation so that you'll never again feel digitally lost or left behind. 

pig and money

Financial / Numeracy

We're providing calculated instruction to address personal fiscal responsibility and arithmetic operations for basic account balancing.  Our youth will learn life skills such as how to open a bank account, understanding their paystubs and who FICA really is,  with the added comprehension of checks and balances.  Adults can learn how to make the best decisions when it comes to investments, insurance, estate planning, and budgeting. If there's strength in numbers, then you'll hold all the power with the the gained aptitude of financial self-determination. 


Health - Physical and Mental Nutrition

Gain a general comprehension of physical and mental nourishment, that includes lessons on agriculture, culinary arts, and green living.  We look at the influences of our environment and learn best practices towards a healthier life.