The Arts @ Henson-Parks’ inspiration comes from two New York City residents - Matthew Henson and Gordon Parks. Matthew Henson was the first African-American explorer to reach the North Pole in exploration with Robert Peary. By his own accord, he was the first person, period, living to write about his experiences while making the Bronx his final home.  

Famed photographer/author/filmmaker Gordon Parks called Harlem home while he explored many corners of our world. With camera in hand, and often pen to paper, he taught us about culture throughout Europe as well as the lowly struggles across America.  Parks’ works are iconic in the visually historic stories they tell.   Spiritually, both men taught us to explore our environment, capture its essence, and share the experience with others. 



When we pay close attention to our surroundings, not only does the view change, but also our mindset. Take a simple task like walking down the street with a child. You may believe you're both experiencing the same scenery, but at their level, the child's perspective is obviously quite different.  It usually invokes a natural curiosity and inquisitiveness that should be supported and encouraged.

The journey of discovery is the foundation from which we operate.  Every individual has a story to tell.  We invite youth of all ages (and those youthful) to come and experience creative ways to share their viewpoint, their vision, their questions and fantastical answers.  We promote the use of traditional and modern techniques to do so. Children will learn,  have fun and be continually inspired. 

#ExploreYourWorld   #pARTicipate