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Thanks to the  support of Queens Councilmember I. Daneek Miller and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA), "The Pupil Project" expands it presence in Queens, and into neighboring boroughs.  The success of our program has resulted in many locations extending our time with them, and/or welcoming us back to continue the good work.  

We appreciate those who support our mission to engage and empower our communities!

"The Pupil Project" at P.S. 59K William Floyd School

(Spring 2017)

Photography Instructor: Kristin Slaby  

kristin photo

More to come.....

"The Pupil Project" at I.S.59 Springfield Gardens

(Spring 2017)

Photography Instructor: Kristin Slaby  

Assistant Instructor/ Coordinator: Nicholas Pierre 

"The Pupil Project" at The Queens High School for Information, Research & Technology (QIRT)

(Spring 2017)

Photography Instructor: Nicholas Pierre 

Assistant Instructor/ Coordinator: Aaron King 

"The Pupil Project" at The Williamsburg Bridge Magnet School PS 196K

(Spring 2017)

Photography Instructor: Nicholas Pierre

More photos to come.

"The Pupil Project" at The St. Albans School PS36Q

(Winter 2017)

Photography Instructor: Kristin Slaby  

Assistant Instructor/ Coordinator: Nicholas Pierre 

Thanks to the continued support from Queens Councilmember I. Daneek Miller"The Pupil Project"  returns to this school of tech-savvy fourth and fifth graders at The St. Albans School PS36Q.   Our last session proved worthy, as you can see by scrolling below the young talent that exists in our community.  This season we are excited to have Instructor Kristin Slaby and Assistant Nicholas Pierre rejoin this wonderful group, and create with them.  On the first day, students were already asking about lighting techniques! Their Nikon D3200's will get much use!  

We will also continue the idea of a "Gratitude Project" , extolling in these young minds acts of kindness, thankfulness, and sharing.  Stay tuned for what may come! We're excited to see as well.


"The Pupil Project" at Cambria Heights Academy For New Literacies Q326

(Fall 2016  - Winter 2017)

Videography Instructor: Lloyd Crosdale-Roberts

Editing Instructor: Adam Ben Cohen 

Assistant Instructor/ Coordinator: Andrea Mendoza 

It's high school! Teen antics, hormones and all ...  and we love it!  Likewise, they love the opportunity to express their thoughts, beliefs, and ideas into a visual format (requiring more than their smartphone).  Instructors Lloyd Crosdale-Roberts, Adam Ben Cohen, and Assistant Andrea Mendoza are teaching these students videography and digital editing, with special attention paid to audio and lighting. These students become fully-equipped to hit the halls of Cambria Heights Academy and the streets of Jamaica, Queens to produce their take of the world around them. Each week we see sparks lit, and imaginations soar!  Stay tuned, as we will post their finished films right here for all to see!


"The Pupil Project" at The School of Authors PSMS108 East Harlem

(Fall 2016  - Winter 2017)

Photography Instructor: Arpi Pap  

Assistant Instructor/ Coordinator: Kristin Slaby

"The Pupil Project" introduced itself to the borough of Manhattan at The School of Authors PSMS108.  Our Instructors, Arpi Pap and Kristin Slaby, developed an immediate rapport with the students, and the kids love the program! Added to the fun is the fact that Arpi is a photography tech guru, and entices these kids curiosities with the latest image-gathering technology.  The lessons using the video drone and 360 degree camera are ones they won't soon forget!  This school is also situated near Central Park and provides some of the most serene scenics New York City has to offer. Landscape photography quickly became their niche.  All the photos in the grid were taken by the students - amazing talents evidenced above!


"The Pupil Project" at The The Community Learning School PS 335 Brooklyn

(Spring 2016)

Photography Instructor: Heath McBride.  

Assistant Instructor/ Coordinator: Hannah Suzanna 

Our afterschool photography program was invited to The Community Learning School PS 335 in Brooklyn to participate in a short program for ten special students to explore basic digital photography and photo editing.  They offered us a beautiful space, and we brought the rest! The students, ranging in age from 9yr to 11yr, and grades 3-5, were excited to put the cameras around their necks and put their technical skills to work! Instructors Heath McBride and Hannah Suzanna  joined these students every Friday afternoon for 5 weeks and took them through various techniques of photography skills, allowing the students to role-play as Portrait, Freestyle, and Studio Photographers.  


"The Pupil Project" at The St. Albans School PS36Q

(Spring 2016)

Photography Instructor: Wallace Hutchinson.  

Assistant Instructor/ Coordinator: Hana Porter

Thanks to discretionary funding from Queens Councilmember I. Daneek Miller"The Pupil Project" hosted this group of tech-savvy fifth graders at The St. Albans School PS36Q.  Although some have their own YouTube channels and are well-versed in gaming techniques, it was their first time learning and practicing digital photography.  Once a week, during two-hour sessions, this groups enjoyed mastering the possibilities of Nikon L840's from Instructors Wallace Hutchinson of Serenity Photo and Hana Porter. Although the settings were automatic they still conquered composition, lighting, and basic photo editing.  

This 5th Grade class also created a "Gratitude Project" as an inhouse exhibit and their graduating gift to the school. 


"The Pupil Project" at The Samuel Huntington School PS40Q

(Winter 2015 - Spring 2016)

Photography Instructor: Wallace Hutchinson.  *(His b/w photo was taken by Myasha A. Rogers, 10yr.)

Assistant Instructor/ Coordinator: Nyeka Nicholas, Hana Porter

"The Pupil Project" partnered with COMPASS @ PS40Q starting in the Fall of 2015 to deliver our mobile art education initiative to 4th and 5th grade students. Each student received their own camera (the same one each week) to learn and practice with during once-a-week, two hour sessions. Our Photography Instructor Wallace Hutchinson of Serenity Photo, with Coordinator Nyeka Nicholas, teaches a group of 20 kids basic digital photography and photo editing. (Actually, the students whizzed through the settings on our Nikon L840's, and displayed their technical genius very quickly.)  

The photos in the video below  are just an example of what talents arise in just a short period of time. 

We hope you enjoy viewing.