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Thanks to the  support of Queens Councilmember I. Daneek Miller and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA), "The Pupil Project" continues to expand it presence in Queens, and throughout NYC neighborhoods.  The success of our program has resulted in many locations extending our time with them, and/or welcoming us back to continue the good work.  

We appreciate those who support our mission to engage and empower our communities!

"The Pupil Project" at PS200Q The Magnet School for Global Studies and Leadership

( Sept. 2018 - June 2019)

Photography Instructors: Victoria Rich, Ray Bascom

Our afterschool program proved itself worthy as an in-school class - specifically 1st period alternative learning every Friday for the full school year. In two instruction sessions of 12-15 students each, TAHP teaching artists Victoria and Ray created a curriculum that was relevant to the school’s education agenda of global studies and married the mission of both the school and the organization - a true partnership of art and exploration.

In both sessions the students were taught the basic elements of digital photography and photo editing, while eliciting a communal perspective and social awareness that helped create personal photo-journals. The journals told THEIR STORY - who they are, where they are from, the cultural traditions and experiences, and how they function in their neighborhood and school community. Their journals were their vision and their voice!

Session 1 (September - January)

Session 2 (February - June)

"The Pupil Project" at PS36Q The St. Albans School

( Fall 2018)

Photography Instructors: Kristin Slaby, Ray Bascom

Safe Halls Project Inc.: Carol Taylor

Each year that we are here, we fall more in love with the students and their creative output. This year we expanded our reach by inviting another local nonprofit organization to join in our efforts of using art to convey a message. This season,we were joined by Safe Halls Project Inc. in using photography to exhibit safety and success in school. Students scripted, produced and photographed scenes that they thought would show how being helpful and supportive of each other would enhance their school community’s friendly and familial environment.

While learning the basics of digital photography we incorporated lessons of humanity, school safety, and educational success. Below are the resulting images of their hard work. Thank you to Safe Halls Project Inc. and their Executive Director Carol Taylor for being a conduit of good in our Southeast Queens community.

“Acts of Kindness”

"The Pupil Project" at IS59Q The Springfield Gardens School

( Spring 2019)

Videography Instructor: Ray Bascom

IS59Q Afterschool Coordinator: Cheddi Wray

IS59Q is a neighborhood elementary/middle school that has hosted TAHP before. This Spring we decided to offer video instruction, with 6th and 7th graders accepting our invitation to participate in 8 weeks of afterschool video lessons to script, produce, record and edit a short video of their content choice. They exceeded expectations (of ours and theirs) by creating a comedic twist on the challenges of making friends in school. Check out their video “I, ANTONIO” below.

"The Pupil Project" at PS36Q The St. Albans School

( Winter 2018)

Photography Instructors: Kristin Slaby, Ray Bascom

The students at PS36Q St. Albans school never cease to amaze us!  We are a repeat program for this location, and each season brings new participants, new curiosities, and new discoveries - for them and us.  The students at PS36Q are extremely tech savvy, and as such, we know they are more than capable of handling full DSLR cameras, with lessons on depth of field, shutter speed, leading lines, and rules of composition. They not only grasp it, they run with it.

This winter season we decided to add our STEAM component, and delve into the science of this technology.  We built Big Shot cameras, using step-by-step video and written guides to visually see the inside of a camera, how the human element intersects with the science to create ART!  The cameras once complete are capable of storing 120 HD photos (including 3D pictures!).  


Check out this group's amazing eye! Even if they do not pursue photography, they have a sharp view of the world before them

"The Pupil Project" at The School of Authors PSMS 108

(Fall 2017 & Winter 2018)

Photography Instructors: Kristin Slaby, Ray Bascom

PS108_4October2017__ Kristin's photos 2016_00072.jpg
PS108_4October2017__ Kristin's photos 2016_00077.jpg
PS108_4October2017__ Kristin's photos 2016_00030.jpg

We return to East Harlem excited about our new group of students and their excitement about photography!  The School of Authors PSMS 108's surroundings are perfect for portraiture, landscape and environmental photography - all encompassed within our lesson plans. These young, brilliant and creative minds will see their neighborhood with a new eye to the vibrant cultural enclave in which they live and learn.  Check back often for the additions of their works. We think you'll love what you see!

"The Pupil Project" at PS270Q The Gordon Parks School

(Fall 2017)

Photography Instructor: Dennis Hall, Ray Bascom

They were known as the  "CSPAN 6" - a group of 8th grade students, led by History Teacher Ms. Sandra Street, pursuing something that had never been done in their school before, or their school district.  These students used the instruction provided by "The Pupil Project"'s teaching artists Dennis Hall and Ray Bascom to learn how to make a video documentary, enabling them to enter the national contest sponsored by CSPAN Classroom 2018 themed "The Constitution and You".  We provided the technical supervision, but the students conducted the research, created the content,  and contributed a well-developed look at DACA in their community.  

Check out their entry below

Although they were not included as a CSPAN finalist, this group of students are all "winners" in our book.  They epitomize the mission of our program - to replace obstacles with opportunities to succeed.

"The Pupil Project" at COMPASS @ PS157k

(Summer 2017)

Photography Instructor: Nicholas Pierre, Kristin Slaby, and Aaron King

Summertime in the city, and the living is easy! The Pupil Project enjoyed sunny days and sunny smiles with the kids enrolled in COMPASS summer camp at PS 157k The Benjamin Franklin Health Science Academy in Brooklyn.  #TheRedCameraCrew explored the technology of photography, and the artistic craft of capturing memories (and besties!).  They enjoyed the opportunities to practice portrait and landscape photography with professional instructors.  Hope this summer framed a creative perspective for the upcoming school year.

collage 5
ps157summer_5July2017__ Kristin's photos 2016_00122.jpg
collage 1
collage 2
collage 3

"The Pupil Project" at P.S. 59K William Floyd School

(Spring 2017)

Photography Instructor: Kristin Slaby  

kristin photo
ps 59 collage 1

The Pupil Project at PS59 William Floyd School was implemented during school hours, as a elective class for students participating in the school's first In-School Enrichment program.  This in-school program offered activities that engaged students creatively and intellectually to inspire young inquisitive minds. 

The program was a wonderful addition to the Enrichment Program.  Students participating in the Pupil Project Program were those with an interest in photography. By engaging and building upon their interest, they became quick learners.   When parents visited the program during a school tour.  we were able to highlight our program and their childrens' talents.  As a final showcase, students printed favorite photographs taken during the program and produced a banner that was displayed in the school hallway for the community to see.  

We look forward to continuing this creative relationship in Brooklyn, and with Community Learning Schools Initiatives across New York City

"The Pupil Project" at I.S.59 Springfield Gardens

(Spring 2017)

Photography Instructor: Kristin Slaby  

Assistant Instructor/ Coordinator: Nicholas Pierre 

Our foray into middle school happened at IS59 Springfield Gardens school in Queens.  Our small group, dominated by 'girl power', used their large school campus and the luck of beautiful Spring weather to make their #RedCameraCrew introduction to portrait and landscape photography.  They used their poses behind the camera to capture their best shots!  This group inspired their school community so much so, that we've been asked to have a program for the teachers next go round!  Who knew so many would be happy to stay after school!

"The Pupil Project" at The Queens High School for Information, Research & Technology (QIRT)

(Spring 2017)

Photography Instructor: Nicholas Pierre 

Assistant Instructor/ Coordinator: Aaron King 

QIRT students reaffirmed our lessons of teenage school life – homework, hormones and future hopes. This afterschool program for high schoolers was offered as a means to allow students to engage in a creative outlet that may not have otherwise been available to them.  They will tell you anyone with a digital phone is a self-titled photographer, but Instructor Nicholas Pierre and Assistant Instructor Aaron King took the art of the selfie a few steps further in teaching the foundation of perspective and acquisition of shutter speed and style.

This student group, as an integral part of the STEM component of our program, built working, digital cameras, exposing the students to photography from the inside out.  The students were able to keep these cameras for future personal use.   

"The Pupil Project" at The Williamsburg Bridge Magnet School PS 196K

(Spring 2017)

Photography Instructor: Nicholas Pierre